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Release date Mike Trial’s Edge of Reality 9/24/2017

Edge of Reality:short stories
is a new release by Mike Trial!
Broadway Brewery 4:00 — 6:00
Downtown Columbia, Missouri

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Edge of Reality: Mike Trial’s new Short Story Collection is a chilling reality check—or is it the Edge of Reality?
As we have seen before with Mike’s innovative imagination, things aren’t always as they seem, and this time his characters win, lose, or draw… in the near future, the past, and in the now. Pre-orders will be available September 8th and full release is set for September 24th, just in time for the Book launch and party for Edge of Reality. Don’t miss it!

  Visit Mike’s website: www.miketrialwriter.com

Joe Polacco at Orr Street’s “Hearing Voices”

Tuesday October 10, 2017 at 7 P.M. Vina: A Brooklyn Memoir

Vina cover web
Joe will read from Vina: A Brooklyn Memoir in the literary event series at Orr Street Studios. He will also show a few iconic scenes from the Brooklyn neighborhood of his birth, and upbringing.
This is a powerful book of family, humor, and sentiment that will set off the “foodie” in you and drop you right in the middle of New York City’s lively melting pot! Joe is represented by Yellow Dog Books and he will be happy to sign your purchased copy. Yes, he is a Boone County transplant, a Brooklyn guy who is an advocate for the COMO literary and artistic scene.

Visit Joe’s author website!