Boundless Anthology

Compass Flower Press’s Official Anthology for the Unbound Book Festival!

David Collins, author of Accidental Activists has successfully done his job as editor, and and has declared the winners:

Evan Guilford-Blake was awarded first prize for “The Box”

Also included in Boundless: An Anthology of Prose, comprised of all new works are:
Sharon Buzzard, Mary Curtis, Peggy DeKay, Ida Fogle, Marcia Forecki, Linda Johnson, Rosemary McKinley, William Mesce, Ellen Birkett Morris, Dawn Paul, Von Pittman, Matthue Roth, Anneliese Schultz, Julia Simpson-Urrutia, and Donna Volkenannt. Congratulations is due all these imaginative writers!

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The collection of stories by these authors is varied in style while staying true with the theme under the loose umbrella Boundless and surprises the reader with a delightful mix of genres.

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Compass Flower Press proudly supports the Unbound Book Festival, now in its third year. You should take a look at this year: Alex George brought in more authors than either of the previous two years for 2018. This festival was free and open to the public! Congratulations to Alex at his success with a monumental task.