Vladimir McMillin

About the Author

Vladimir McMillin was born in Moscow, Russia. He worked for twenty years as a sports journalist in the TASS, the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union, and immigrated to the United States in 1990.
This is his first book, but surely not the last. Now retired, he dedicates his time to sports activities and writing.



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Based on a true story, Stationed in Moscow…For Good – A Tale of Love and Peril in the Cold War depicts the dramatic defection of Sgt. James McMillin, a young man who gave up his family, country, career, and identity to be forever branded a traitor in 1948. It begins with the passionate and totally committed love of his life, Galina Dunaeva. This amazing spy story, filled with compassion, romance, and suspense set during a most tense and sinister period of the “Cold War” illustrates the trappings of the dreaded NKVD/KGB and how it affected life in Moscow-and the USSR-for everyone. The aftermath of U.S. Sgt. McMillin’s defection as told in this book will complete the story of what became of James McMillin after slipping behind the Iron Curtain, never to return.