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Nan UnklesbayNan Unklesbay, Ph.D. is a Professor Emeritus in Food Science at the University of Missouri-Columbia and has written an inspiring stroke recovery book geared to the stroke victim, caregivers, and family, in a humorous and honest style.

She suffered a stroke herself in 2003, and states that writing this book was wonderful therapy. After being urged by friends, she took on the challenge of writing this valuable book and I consider it a great testament to Nan’s perseverance and determination.

Nan is also an inspiring speaker on her topic, and is available to address your group.

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Published Works

Swimming Against the Tide by Nan Unklesbay

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Testimonials and Reviews:

February 12, 2012

Great Book! great read, great tenacity. Wonderful to have found another important niche in our transient world. congratulations to you. I belong to a health club, but often have to force myself to get there. Big pool indoors and out and we never have to break the ice.  Romaine Dawson, M.S.  Nutritionist.    Norwood, South Australia.

January 14, 2011

“Dear Nan, I have just finished reading Swimming Against the Tide. What a tale of courage, determination and love of life it is! Although it has been years since I’ve seen you, I can still picture the Nan who could pull off the amazing recovery you’ve made. Bravo!” –Cathy Rand, M.S Public Health Nutrition


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