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Edge of Reality Mike Trial’s new Short Story Collection is a chilling reck of reality—or is it the Edge of Reality?
As we have seen before with Mike’s innovative imagination, things aren’t always as they seem, and this time his characters win, lose, or draw… in the near future, the past, and in the now.

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About Mike Trial: Mike Trial was born in Missouri, grew up in Saudi Arabia, graduated from the University of Missouri, and worked for a U.S. federal agency for thirty years. He spent his career working in the Middle East and the United States, including Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. Mike has published many books through AKA-Publishing / Compass Flower Press. He is always working on new stories, including the third in the JD Iselin thriller series to follow Rogue Patriot, and New Empires Rising, each novella length political thrillers, another short story collection, and a Science Fiction trilogy.
New Empires Rising Mike’s second in his political thriller series is available in paperback and eBook!
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Rogue Patriot, released in early 2016, is Mike’s first in his political thriller novella series, a timely and fast moving page turner. Available in paperback and eBook!

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  Mike Trial’s short story collection, Icy Fire of Deception is full of twists and turns, making it hard to put down. Check out these reviews:

  “If you want a short story collection that pulls you headfirst through action, danger, and uncertainty, read Mike Trial’s The Icy Fire of Deception.”

  “Mike Trial’s flowing and fast paced writing style transports you from the terror of the North Sea in a storm, to the politically charged storm in a developing country in coastal Africa, with lively and interesting, and often selfishly motivated characters pulling you in from the start.”

  “Nothing spoils mystery and suspense stories like predictability. But readers need not fear encountering predictable plots or characters, protagonists or victims, in The Icy Fire of Deception. Using a quick and varied imagination and deft cleverness, Trial delivers admirably on all counts. He never runs afoul of predictability.”

  “Mike Trial has been a lifelong fan of les films noirs—and he uses his love of darkness to great advantage in The Icy Fire of Deception, a collection of short stories crafted to sweep readers into a loveless world, where “Cold Hands” are directed by colder hearts, where people are not so much immoral as amoral.”


Visit Mike’s website: www.miketrialwriter.com

Things Were Never the Same Afterward


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  Mike’s first collection of eleven short stories. Things Were Never the Same Afterward is available in paperback and eBook. Insightful and lush, you will see elements of your own life in these stories—and you won’t look at those events in the same way ever again.









Distant Horizons

Distant Horizons


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A U.S. military transport plane landed at Dhahran Air Base, Saudi Arabia in March 1948, and Major George Trial stepped out to an overcast desert morning. What had made a young Air Force officer leave his family, a comfortable life and pending promotion in Washington D.C., to travel to a tiny airbase in an isolated desert kingdom on the other side of the world?
Ruth Wallace was the youngest of three children growing up in placid Nevada Missouri in the 1920s. When the family moved to Kansas City in 1929, Ruth was the most reluctant to leave life in rural Missouri behind. George and Ruth met in 1938 when they were both elementary school teachers in Kansas City. In 1940 they married, and later that year George reported for active duty with the Army. When the war ended, George stayed on active duty with the Army Air Force in Washington D.C. Then he was offered an assignment that would change his life and his family’s life forever. Dhahran Air Base had become a strategic counter to potential Soviet expansion in the Middle East, and Major Trial was sent there with a small team of Americans to train the Saudi Arabs in airfield operations. Soon, Ruth and their young son, Michael joined George in Dhahran. They lived among and learned of a culture fiercely proud, yet mindful of the ancient desert rules of hospitality to strangers and respect for family-a culture about to be impacted by the construction of the largest oil-production facilities the world has ever seen. From Kansas prairie and small town Missouri to the Arabian desert, this is Ruth and George’s story.

Black and Gold

Black and Gold

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A memoir of exploration, passion, love, loss and change that takes place during the last days of a unique time in our history. Black and Gold takes us through the final days of the sixties-the music, the psychedelics, the anti-war protests, new worlds and new knowledge. Mark and his friends will soon graduate and leave their com-fortable lives behind forever: ahead lies the future overshadowed by the grim realities of the Vietnam war and the tumultuous social and political changes shaped in their generation. Each finds themselves changed by the handful of years and profound experiences they have had and shared, discovering new truths about themselves and the world. It is 1969. They’ve come of age, forever changed by that dangerous decade, that breathless moment-the end of the sixties.


“When we released Black and Gold in both hardcover and trade paperback, I asked Nicole to video interview me talking about the book and what I thought it meant to me. The next mild day in November she filmed me at various locations. She did a nice job of it, cutting in stills and some video of other parts of Columbia. The video is here for you to view. Interestingly, I found that as I wrote out my script for the interview and talked to the camera, I began to learn what the book was really about.” — Mike Trial


Mike Trial was born in Missouri, grew up in Saudi Arabia, graduated from the University of Missouri, and worked for a federal agency for thirty years. During his career he worked in the middle east, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. He is now retired and living on his family tree farm near Columbia, Missouri.

His first book, Summer of ’77 is a short picture book that is a reminiscence. It was written as a tribute to a friend that he shared a memorable travel experience to France when they were in their carefree twenties.

White Sky, a Year in Saudi Arabia

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Mark Exner, a young American construction engineer looking for challenge and adventure, finds more than he expects in the barren deserts of Saudi Arabia. Assigned to a multi-million dollar project near the town of Tabuk, his professional skills are taxed to the limit. But it is the tensions of construction camp living and the dangers of this volatile region that provide even greater challenges. From the Saudi Arabian desert to the hot spots of Thailand and the mystical city of Kathmandu, Mark sees a side of life he never even imagined existed.