Kathy S. Elias

To be Released June 20: Letters to Gavin!


Gone to the dogs! That’s what Wall-E thinks when he leaves his first and best boy behind and moves to Missouri with Gramma, the smartest (and most loved) replacement owner a dog could hope for. Missing his boy terribly, Wall-E finds starts a blog as his release of melancholy.

Peppered with lots of friends, mostly dogs and a few cats—ugh!—and littered with sarcasm and humor, Wall-E’s adventures are the best medicine for pet lovers of all ages: laughter.




Kathy Elias has penned an imaginative touch of genius! Her amusing anecdotal stories from her pets’ point of view will have you rolling your eyes and rolling with laughter! If you are a pet owner yourself, you will find you relate to each and every page. This is her first published book.