Judith J. Hill


About the Author

Judith J. Hill

Judy Hill is retired after twenty years of helping persons with disabilities actualize their full potential.
She has two children, five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild and lives with her husband Joe, and their dog named Kelly in Owensville, Missouri.

Published Works

Champion for Grace will be available in print on March 9th, 2012.

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Here’s a sampling from Champion for Grace:

…“My dad’s name is Apollo. He is a show dog champion, and one of my mom’s ancestors was Rin Tin Tin.”
Rowdy pretended to gag, and said, “You fancy pups make me sick.”
Champ had never experienced rejection before. His privileged life had not equipped him for such a time as this.
Lily came to the rescue by saying, “What makes me gag is bad-boy wannabes, trying to act cool.”
The feline spoke up and said, “Oh please, just listening to you made me cough up a fur ball. By the way, my friends call me Fluffy, but you three can call me your worst nightmare.”
Are there guardian angels guiding living beings? It will be hard to come to any other conclusion as you read this engaging and fast paced adventure filled with hardships and triumphs, loss and love.
A young German Shepherd who goes out into the world must find his life purpose, and is destined to learn through trial and error that healing and happiness come through purpose, and hard work. Within these pages, all are sure to find meaning that applies to their own lives.
Champion for Grace chronicles the interwoven lives of people and animals in their earthly and spiritual coming of age. It is a story of the characters’ struggles to conquer fear, survive, and learn to accept and return respect and love. This is a story about heritage, relationships, and family.