Dr. Robert L Bynum



Bob Bynum, D.O., has been successful in family practice for over thirty years. Founder of ByPro Nutrition, he has formulated the nutritional supplements Dodecin® to reduce inflammation, and Triargin® to maximize body chemistry and promote optimum cellular function. Dr. Bynum also created the educational networking company, Streaming Lifestyle, LLC, which is dedicated to helping people find personalized options for developing healthier habits, making healthy choices, and living a happier, healthier life.

For more information on his philosophy and to find help changing your own direction, check out his websites at:
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Streaming Lifestyle</em> by Dr. Robert L. Bynum


Would you rather drink from a flowing stream or a stagnant pool of water? This book, by a family practitioner of thirty years, is designed to promote taking control of your health and life by making healthier choices, including nutritional, physical, emotional and health care: for your whole person. Using the analogy of water in nature as your lifestyle, Dr. Robert Bynum empowers you by helping you understand how the choices you make effect your stream. Recognize the stresses of life, clear your mind, and use affirmations and alternative therapies to make your life the best it can be. It’s your stream-it’s up to you to use your personal awareness and ongoing discovery to create a clean flowing stream and the healthy streaming lifestyle you want.

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