Christy Tryhus


Christy Tryhus

Christy Tryhus is the successful owner of Simply Balanced Coaching. She is focused on helping busy women and small business owners learn to balance all life’s demands so they can create more time and energy for what’s really important.

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Live Life Beyond the Laundry is also available as eBook with the ISBN 9781936688302 through most major eBook sellers! If you can’t find it on your favorite site, or just can’t wait for all the booksellers to update, follow this link to order the version for your reader or tablet Click here and select the delivery format for your reader!

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Live Life Beyond the Laundry

Live Life Beyond the Laundry

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“ This book is dead on with how busy women get sucked into chaos.
Christy’s 7 strategies to shift from chaos to calm are practical, easy to implement, and presented in a thoroughly entertaining and relatable way.”

~ Christina Tracy Stein, co-author of Kiss That Frog!
12 Great Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives in Your Life and Work